DIY Pavement Maintenance Case Studies

Wondering how you're going to tackle pavement maintenance at your place of business? It can seem like a lot to take on by yourself, but rest assured the team at Asphalt Kingdom has helped all kinds of people just like you find the right asphalt products and equipment to fill cracks, repair potholes, sealcoat asphalt, and linestripe parking lots on their own, without hiring contractors.

Click on the image below to read our case studies from the Mayo Clinic, Mercedes-Benz USA and others, and then contact us to see how we can help you with your asphalt maintenance.


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Benefits Of Doing Your Own Pavement Maintenance

The most obvious reason is that it's far more cost effective to handle your own asphalt maintenance. The larger advantage is scheduling. Timing is everything, and you can choose the best time to do the upkeep needed, so it is the least disruptive. Sure, you can book a time with a contractor, but if weather interferes, rescheduling can be a nightmare! When it's your call, you are free to jump in the next clear day that does not cause a disruption for customers, clients, or employees.

Why Asphalt Upkeep Is Essential

1. Appearance: Looks are important, especially in parking areas and laneways. When people first drive in, it is the first impression of your location. Pavement maintenance here will have a direct effect on how people view your business.

2. Safety: Cracked pavement is a tripping hazard, and an obvious safety concern. Faded parking lanes and direction stencils are often overlooked as a serious driving danger. Ensuring that there is enough room for driving, parking, and walking will prevent accidents.

3. Efficiency: A well-marked parking area means that you get as many parking spots as possible in your lot. We've all groaned at people who park badly in an unmarked area, taking up too much space and reducing the number of spots overall. With a well-marked lot, you get the maximum number of spots and make it better for everyone doing business with you.

4. Cost: As with all upkeep, it is far more economical in the long-term to maintain asphalt than it is to replace it. Leaving cracks unfilled will only result in larger cracks and eventually potholes. Skipping a sealcoat will leave the area unprotected and exposed to damage from the elements and oil stains.

With so many benefits to your advantage, it's more than worth your while to explore what it takes to do yourself! Our asphalt maintenance experts have the experience and the know-how to help you manage your property, however small or big it may be. They've helped with golf courses, hotels, mobile home parks, airports, health care clinics, car dealerships and more. Let their expertise help you to manage your pavement maintenance with ease.


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