Airport Chooses Asphalt Kingdom: An Airport Case Study

A well-maintained airport runway is not just pleasing to look at; it also means improved safety for traffic. Sealcoating runways on a regular basis helps prevent bigger problems and accidents while saving you money in the long run. 

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Cooking Lake Airport

The Client

Sven Bernard is the General Manager at Cooking Lake Airport, the sixth largest and busiest private airport in Alberta, Canada.

The Challenge

Sealcoating the airport runways can seem intimidating and complicated due to the traffic requirements of an airport. Sven decided the most convenient way for his airport would be to do the work himself.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Sven did what most property managers do - searched online for solutions. He came across the Asphalt Kingdom website and learned about how its team of experts help other property owners and managers who were in the same situation. Sven didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and outlined his intention of sealcoating the blacktop in Cooking Lake.

Just after receiving the sealcoating equipment and materials Sven ordered, the weather became too cold so he had to put off sealcoating. Even after weeks of storing the sealer in a container, all it took was a few minutes of mixing and circulating, and it was ready to be applied.

Cooking Lake Runway Closeup Asphalt Maintenance

“It was the best stuff ever to mix after sitting for so long,” says Sven. “No sludge at the bottom blocking it all up, [I] did not need the mixer at all.  Also sprayed on nice and even and smooth and filled all the spider cracking like a charm. Flows extremely nice in 28 degree Celsius weather.”

Once the sealer was stirred and equipment primed, he was able to add a beautiful new coat to the runway in about 12 hours – without having to hire a contractor to seal it for him.  He saved thousands of dollars and didn’t have to inconvenience his pilots or passengers.

Looking Forward

Sven was really satisfied with the results after sealing the runways at Cooking Lake Airport. Since the sealer dried fast even in cold weather, Sven and his team were able to restripe sooner.

Cooking Lake Runway with Airport Maintenance

“I just went for a flyover in my airplane and the one I just did looks really fantastic from the air as well. Already got a call from a CFI over here that said the same. You can be proud of your product. Let’s hope it lasts as well.” – Sven

Another member of his team noted the significant reduction in the need for deicers in winter since the deep black color of the sealed asphalt absorbed heat from the sun and helped melt the ice faster.

Equipment Used

What Other Airports Say

“We are loving our equipment and other departments are starting to borrow it for their own projects.” – David Kirkpatrick of Castroville Municipal Airport


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