General Info & Sales Tips Videos:

Learn about Asphalt Kingdom and get business tips on door-to-door sales, customer interaction, and more. Our sales tips videos help you improve your salesmanship with an in-depth tutorial on what to do when you're going door to door to sell your sealcoating services. We also provide videos on the general offerings of Asphalt Kingdom and how we can help you, whether you're a homeowner, contractor or property owner.

Crack Filling Videos

Get more information on our crack filling equipment, products, and more. Our crack repair videos shows you how easy it is to fill asphalt cracks with our equipment.

Featured Product: RY10 PRO Crack Seal Melter & Applicator Machine

Sealcoating Videos

Get tips on sealcoating, as well as information on our sealcoat sprayers and sealer. Our sealcoating videos and tutorials show you how easy sealcoating is, as well as how to do several key tasks such as emptying the tank, using the transfer kit, and how to agitate your sealer.

Line Painting Videos

View the Titan PowrLiner in action and watch product demos of Titan line striping accessories. The line striping videos show you the benefits and abilities of our parking lot striping equipment.

Asphalt Business Webinars


There is no catch. Get your free instant access to all sorts of resources that will help you kickstart your business today.

Crackfilling with RY10 Pro

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If you've wanted to start your own business then asphalt maintenance is definitely a lucrative business to get into.

Many homeowners have asphalt driveways and many businesses have asphalt parking lots. The flexible nature of this material proves to be a great paving material, but as with most things, it needs maintenance.

Our business solutions, such as the Business in a Box and our free marketing package, allow you to create your own business. We even help entrepreneurial teenagers and college students learn the ins and outs of the business.

Here we offer you advice on how to improve your business, whether it's by brushing up on your door-to-door salesmanship or by perfecting your technique with a sealcoating video. You can also find more tips by contractors on our blog.


Sealcoating Equipment Product Demos

At AK, we pride ourselves on our easy to use, high quality equipment and products. These overviews of our products will give you a quick rundown of what our products will offer you and what benefits they have. Whether you're looking for a new piece of crack repair equipment, or want to see the quick specs on our sealer and crack filler, we have a video to help explain the details for you.


Asphalt Tutorials

Our how-to videos show you the proper technique for certain equipment operations, such as replacing the seal on a cast iron pump, or using the AK Transfer Kit. We even have a video on how to assemble our popular AK10 crackfill melter and applicator, which will guide you through each step of the assembly process.

If you're looking for even more videos, all of our videos can be found on the Asphalt Kingdom YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel for notifications on new videos and to have our latest videos on your YouTube homepage.

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