Asphalt Maintenance:
Towns Choose Asphalt Kingdom

Attracting tourists and maintaining civic pride are important jobs for any municipality. And when it comes to asphalt maintenance, towns know that keeping cracks filled and surfaces sealcoated makes everything look polished and well-cared for.

Staying on top of asphalt maintenance means that costly asphalt repairs caused by weather seeping into cracks can be avoided, and towns can save money.

We’ve worked with municipalities all across the country helping cities just like yours get solutions that allow them to do the work in-house to save time and money.

Read a few of our asphalt maintenance town help case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help with your crack repair and sealcoating needs.

Carrizozo, New Mexico

The town is in a beautiful part of the country, and keeping it as beautiful as its surroundings is an ongoing challenge due to extreme weather fluctuations and temperatures. Crack filling is an ongoing job from spring to fall, to keep ahead of asphalt damage.


Image courtesy Geographer


The Challenge

Budgets are tight everywhere, and keeping the look of the town up to standards was becoming impossible to hire out. One of the town’s foremen found Asphalt Kingdom online and suggested it would be a cost-effective solution for repairing the cracks in city streets and walkways. Maintenance needed to be much less expensive than hiring a contractor, and it needed to be easy enough that a non-professional could do it.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Asphalt Kingdom worked with the town of Carrizozo to determine the best equipment for their crack filling needs. Together they selected the RY10, a one-person crack repair melter applicator that fills cracks at walking speeds. Together with a pallet of crack filler, they had enough to make a great start sealcoating cracks around the town.

With unlimited phone support available from Asphalt Kingdom, the foreman felt confident starting the repairs, and was able to quickly get up and running on his own.

Looking Forward

Carrizozo is confident they made the right decision with Asphalt Kingdom. They’re very happy with how quickly and easily they’re able to complete the work, and they’ve already placed a second order for a pallet of crack filler. Enabling the town to do the work themselves is allowing them to maintain their high standards without sacrificing quality, making everyone a winner.

Equipment used by Carrizozo:

Check out the RY10 Crack Repair Machine below.

Youngtown, Arizona

Youngtown, Arizona, population 6,200, is a small town on the outskirts of Phoenix. Like many towns today, it’s faced with declining tax revenues and the need to do more with less – in some cases a lot less.

The Challenge

Jim Fox took over as public works director of Youngtown and came at the job with fresh eyes. What immediately jumped out at him was how tired everything looked. Turns out, it had been over 10 years since a single public parking space or crosswalk had been sealcoated.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Jim found and read through the pages there that explained how to properly maintain parking lot lines. Buying the equipment in-house and teaching his crew how to do the work as well as the professionals do, made the job cost-effective, and gave them the freedom to do the work on their own schedule.


Youngtown, AZ courtesy Google Maps


Looking Forward

Now that Youngtown has the proper line striping equipment on hand to use, and the technical know-how to use it, their crosswalks, parking spaces and directional lines won’t fall into disrepair again. A fresh coat of paint can be applied as soon as it is needed.

Equipment used by Youngtown:

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