Finding ways to stand out is especially important in automobile sale. Buildings need to be sparkling-clean, showrooms need to be bright and inviting, and when it comes to asphalt maintenance, car dealerships know their customers are looking and judging.

Dealerships at the top of their game keep up a rigorous course of parking lot repair, with the best-of-the-best repainting the stripes on their parking lot annually, and refreshing the blacktop sealcoat every second year.

We've worked with some of the most profitable car dealerships and marine dealerships in the country, helping them to find a way to keep maintenance costs down while keeping the overall appearance of their dealership top-notch.

Read a few of our case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help you with your asphalt maintenance.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Paul Violente, Supervisor of Operations at the 13,000-spot Mercedes-Benz USA parking lot, realized that a larger and larger part of his maintenance budget was being taken up by maintaining his lots.

After watching a contractor do the work, he decided his in-house crew could do it as well - and probably at a substantial savings.


Mercedes-Benz USA trusted Asphalt Kingdom with their Asphalt needs.


The Challenge

With such a big lot, keeping the pavement sealcoated and all the lines crisp and white in Maryland’s tough winters means an ever-larger part of the annual maintenance budget was being spent on the lots. Paul has a full-time crew of three and having watched other contractors line stripe, he was sure his crew would be able to handle the job.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Paul called Asphalt Kingdom and explained his situation, and was pleased with the responsiveness and flexibility he encountered with his operational and financial questions. As the job requirement changed, Asphalt Kingdom changed with it, making sure he always had prompt and accurate responses.

They received the recommended product – the PowrLiner 2850, Titan Stencil Kit and paint, and they were impressed at how easy the work was once they started doing it, in spite of not having any experience line striping before. The responsiveness of the company pre-sales made Paul comfortable that they would be there for them if they had any problems after receiving the equipment.

Looking Forward

Mercedes-Benz was really pleased with how quickly they were able to perform the work required, and they’re confident that they can do it themselves easily going forward. In the future, they’ll realize time savings and cost-savings that are significant enough that they can afford to maintain their lot even more often than they had, and it will still be cheaper for them.

Products Used By Mercedes Benz

PowrLiner 2850 Titan Stencil Kit Water Based Paint
PowrLiner2850 Titan Stencil Kit Water Based Paint


Want to learn how you, too, can conduct line striping in your own property? Check out this Asphalt Kingdom line striping course for an in-depth guide to products and equipment, proper surface prep, and more.

Ready to stripe your own parking lot but at a loss on which equipment to purchase? Watch the video for a brief explanation on how to choose the right line striping machine.

Colonial Subaru

When Andrew Murphy Sr realized that quotes for his annual asphalt maintenance program were increasing ever year, he turned to Asphalt Kingdom for advice he could depend on.

After searching online, he realized that the price of equipment and product was roughly equal to the quotes he was getting, so he looked into having his crew do the work themselves.


Subaru trusts Asphalt Kingdom for pavement maintenance.


The Challenge

When Andrew received quotes from local contractors, he noticed that they were higher than he was used to, and he didn’t feel confident that he was going to get the results he wanted. On top of that, he kept to a regular schedule of repainting the lines in his lot annually and sealcoating every two years.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

After looking online, Andrew found Asphalt Kingdom and realized that for the same price as paying someone to do the work once, he could buy all the equipment and supplies he needed to do the job. Plus, he’d still own the equipment at the end of the day.

Since he does this sort of maintenance annually, he quickly understood just how smart this investment would be as it starts to save him significant money next year. His maintenance manager, Darryl, was able to complete the entire parking lot on his own after calling Asphalt Kingdom for tips on how to spray the most effectively and how to get the best finish. They saved even more than expected when they realized it was possible to dilute the professional-grade asphalt sealer without compromising on the quality of the finish.

Looking Forward

Although Darryl was somewhat overwhelmed when all the equipment arrived, a quick phone call to Asphalt Kingdom got him on the right path and working properly in under 10 minutes! Knowing that help is that close and prompt has both Darryl and Andrew convinced they made the right decision in doing it themselves, with Asphalt Kingdom standing by. Seeing an all-inclusive price saved them time comparing shipping costs, and they’ll be coming back annually for more product to use with their equipment

Products Used by Subaru

RY10 Crack Filler AK220 Pro Trigger Wand
RY10 Crack Filler AK220 Pro Trigger Wand
PowrLiner 2850 Titan Stencil Kit
PowrLiner 2950 Titan Stencil Kit

Marine Center of Las Vegas

Owner Bruce Nelson was never completely satisfied with contractors' work on his asphalt; he knew he had to do something about the many cracks that had formed on his dealership so he searched online for a solution. As the largest marine retail outlet in Las Vegas, there is a lot of property to maintain. After a long time of no asphalt maintenance, the asphalt was in dire need of crack repair.

He found Asphalt Kingdom and decided to get free expert advice by calling the toll-free number. After seeing how much money he could save, he decided to fill the cracks himself.


Marine Center

The Challenge

Although he had had contractors in in the past to do work, he had never been completely satisfied with the job they did. He knew that having a good-looking parking lot would reflect well on his business and make more people likely to buy from him, so he wanted to do the work properly – and as a hands-on owner, that meant do it himself.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

While searching online, he came across Asphalt Kingdom. He picked up the toll-free line and spoke to our friendly staff, learning all about the products that would be best for his parking lots. He did some more research and then phoned back to find out about what the approximate savings would be over hiring the work out.

He didn’t need any more convincing – the numbers definitely spoke for themselves! Contractors normally charge between .75 and $1/foot; his cost is .05 per foot to do the work himself.

Nelson purchased the 12-Gallon Crack Fill Machine on the spot and did the work himself. He watched the videos of the product in action on the site and had no problem at all doing the work himself.

Looking Forward

Marine Center of Las Vegas plans never to let their parking lots get into such states of disrepair again. Moving all the boats around to do the work was a big job, but now that the bulk of the work is done he’ll be able to repair cracks as they happen in the future, to keep his lots looking their best.


Maintain your parking lot yourself and save!


Equipment used by Marine Center of Las Vegas:

RY10 Crackfill Combo
RY10 Crackfill Combo


Watch the crack filling machine in action below.


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