Asphalt Maintenance: Churches Choose Asphalt Kingdom

Today’s modern large congregations come with lots of cars and need lots of parking. When it comes to asphalt maintenance, churches are often lost about what needs to be done and when.

Protecting parking areas and preserving walkways so that they remain smooth and accessible to parishioners of all ages is an ongoing challenge, and if the maintenance isn’t performed regularly, the disrepair can lead to permanent damage.

We’ve worked with churches large and small to get the right solution to their pavement maintenance needs so they can get the upkeep taken care of before it’s too late. Read our case study below, and then contact us to see how we can help your church with its asphalt maintenance needs.

First Baptist Church of Belton

When facilities manager Nathan Parr realized professional sealcoating and crack repair was too much of an expense across his church’s three parking area, 2,500-spot parking lots, he turned to the internet to find out how to do the job himself. His background in construction told him he needed to get busy repairing the parking lots at First Baptist, before the cracks turned into potholes or fissures.


First Baptist Church of Belton


The Challenge

The parking area is a large part of their property, and Nathan’s construction background made him aware of how important it was to keep it properly maintained in order to prevent costly repairs. The church had one of the lots professionally sealcoated and the expense was too much for the church to maintain ongoing.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Nathan researched online, comparing solutions and providers and finally selected Asphalt Kingdom because of the helpful guides, reviews, and videos available on the website. He knew he could save money by buying the equipment and doing it in-house.

So he gathered his research, watched the training videos, selected an all-in-one package, and made the case to the church board that doing it themselves would save money and result in higher quality long-term.

Previously he had experience using a mop and squeegee to apply sealer, but having a spray system will give him a smoother finish, use less product, and take less time.

Looking Forward

Maintaining such a large parking complex is challenging, but Nathan and his team are systematically blocking off parking areas and getting the job done as time allows. Having received the product very quickly and in excellent condition, he knows that he’ll be using Asphalt Kingdom for all his supply needs in the future.

The excellent, friendly service he received, and informative answers he received to his questions have made him happy to be part of the Asphalt Kingdom family of happy customers.

Equipment used by First Baptist Church of Belton:

We have FREE information and videos that show you how the work gets done, we offer FREE phone and email consulting and we also supply the best commercial-grade supplies, tools and equipment to get the job done right — shipped Fast and FREE to your door.

Our recommendations are based on the size of your project and if you need to crack repair, sealcoat or even line stripe.

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