Mobile Home Park Management: Asphalt Maintenance

Mobile home park management is a full-time job, and a well-cared for property attracts the right kind of people to your business.

As a commercial property owner/manager you know your parking areas represent a major investment that needs to be protected and maintained. You understand how a well maintained parking area is the face of your business and how it can impact the overall value of your property investment.

We've worked with countless Mobile Home Park Managers and Owners just like you to get solutions that make your park look the best, all while saving you money.

Read a few of our case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help you with your mobile home park management.

Holly Hills Mobile Estates:

When owner-manager Walter Blum wanted to increase the value of the homes in his 50-space mobile home park, Holly Hills Mobile Estates, he turned to Asphalt Kingdom for advice he could depend on. He has performed asphalt maintenance on the mile of roadway surrounding the lots before, but always using a crew. When he called around for quotes this time, he decided to see if he and his crew could perform the work themselves and save some money.

He had used firms to do the work for him before, but the costs were so high he decided to look into doing it himself. He's glad he did!


sealcoating equipment for mobile homes


The Challenge

Times are tough everywhere, and the mobile home park business is no different. Holly Hills was looking for ways to cut costs but still get a professional result.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Although his team didn’t have any experience with this sort of work before, after speaking to Andrei at Asphalt Kingdom, Walter felt confident they could do the job themselves. With Andrei’s guidance, they ordered the RY10 Crack Repair Machine, the Drum Sealer Sprayer, and sealer and crack filler to use with the equipment.

“The work was just as we anticipated,” says Walter. “The equipment and products were straightforward and easy to use, and just as described.”

Looking Forward

Holly Hills performs asphalt repair every 2-3 years, and they will absolutely be doing it themselves again.

“I felt at ease when I dealt with Asphalt Kingdom. They treated me with respect and honesty, and helped me get exactly what I needed rather than trying to upsell me. I felt I was dealing with professionals.”

When asked what made him decide to do it himself, he pointed out that the fast and free shipping Asphalt Kingdom offers allowed him to save significantly over hiring the job out.

He would be happy to talk to other Mobile Home Park professionals about his experience.

Equipment used by Holly Hills:

Sunset Mobile Home Park

Paul Sefton, owner of the 105-lot Sunset Mobile Home Park, needed to freshen up his property. He has asphalt on his personal property, and he had noticed the price of asphalt maintenance increasing substantially. Paul Sefton acquired the Sandusky, Michigan Sunset Mobile Home Park three years ago. He knows the value of keeping asphalt maintained both from a financial point of view, and from an aesthetic point of view.

When the time came to do Sunset Mobile Home Park's asphalt, he turned to Asphalt Kingdom for help selecting the right products and equipment to preserve his property and save money.

The Challenge

Although Paul had never done maintenance on the park’s asphalt, he regularly maintained the asphalt at his home, and he had noticed that the prices to do so had been going up year over year. When the time came to invest in his new mobile home park, he decided to do some research online before committing to a maintenance package.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

After an internet search, Paul ended up at, and quickly signed up for free online courses to educate himself on asphalt maintenance products, equipment, costs, and the level of effort that would be required to perform the task himself.

Once he became comfortable that the project would be well within his crew's capabilities, he called Asphalt Kingdom for some advice.

“Service was good. All my questions were answered and all I had to do was pick up the phone - Asphalt Kingdom did the rest. My order was delivered in 7 days, just like the website said.”

See how easy it is to use a crack filling machine below.

Looking Forward

Paul will be sealcoating in the spring, but he has no worries about any problems coming up then. The savings were worth the risk.

“After looking through the website, and comparing products and equipment with what it would cost to hire the job out, I'm convinced I have saved a lot of money.”

Equipment used by Sunset Mobile Home Park:

Canyon Trail RV Park

Mike Wells has a 156-lot mobile home park in beautiful Boulder City, Nevada. Nestled in a green oasis in the heart of the desert 20 miles from Las Vegas, Canyon Trail RV Park prides itself on being the finest full-service RV parks in the area. Keeping that reputation depends on having spotless facilities, and 3 years ago Wells spent $200,000 repaving the entire park.


Canyon Trails Mobile Park


The Challenge

With an investment as large as Canyon Park’s, letting the asphalt fall into disrepair was not an option. When he started to notice cracks forming under the blistering desert sun, he immediately started looking for a solution that wouldn’t see him spending another huge amount of capital.

The Asphalt Kingdom Solution

Wells found Asphalt Kingdom while searching for asphalt crack filling methods, and quickly realized he and his maintenance man could do the crack filling themselves. He’s had trouble finding skilled workers to hire for jobs like this, so knowing he could do it himself meant he could do the job until it was done right without worrying about hourly fees.

Wells ordered the RY10 Crackfill machine and crack filler combo, and started the work the day the machine arrived. It was easy-to-use and he had no trouble getting the job done to his satisfaction.

Looking Forward

Canyon Trail’s experience with the crack filling was so positive that they’ve decided to put sealcoating next on their list. And one thing they are certain of: they’ll be back to Asphalt Kingdom for their sealcoating supplies and equipment.


Canyon Trail. Client of Asphalt Kingdom


Equipment used by Canyon Trail RV Park:

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