Rapid Runway Repair

Facts about Rapid Runway Repair

Rapid Runway RepairIt’s a fact that airport runways are busier than ever. With the extra wear and tear on these long, heavily used stretches of asphalt, effective regular maintenance and rapid runway repair is vital to the function of an airport.

To prevent excessive runway repairs, it’s necessary to establish a regular maintenance schedule to seal cracks that can quickly enlarge and become potholes. The best way to accomplish this type of airport runway repair is to proactively use a hot pour crack filler to substantially reduce accelerated runway deterioration. We recommend hot pour rubberized crackfiller for use on runways. This 100% commercial grade filler closes cracks and increases runway durability. Because it dries quickly (in about two hours), rapid runway repairs no longer have to be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Because airports are now serving larger, heavier aircraft than in the past, the in-service demands on runways have significantly increased. Take-offs, landings, extended wait times, and taxiing all impose stresses to asphalt that ultimately result in the need for airport runway repairs. Rapid runway repair often includes sealing cracks and patching potholes and chuckholes.

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Military Runway Repair

In the case of some military airports, airstrikes are a possibility that should be taken into consideration. Rapid runway repair is crucial to restoring operations. We carry asphalt equipment and asphalt products necessary to expedite military runway repairs.

Airport Runway Repair

For airports in some regions, winter temperatures can drop below freezing for a good portion of the year, and summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperature fluctuations can cause significant contraction and expansion of asphalt that can lead to major cracking problems. Regular top coat asphalt sealing to maintain flexibility is the best way to minimize the need for frequent runway repairs.

Airport photoRead our case study about why airports choose Asphalt Kindom for Runway Asphalt Maintenance



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commercial grade asphalt sealer will prevent the oxidation and drying out of asphalt which ultimately leads to loss of flexibility and the onset of cracks and more serious deterioration. Asphalt sealers, which are designed to protect asphalt against sun, rain, snow, and ice, can be especially beneficial in preventing asphalt cracking and the need for rapid runway repair to fix emergency cracks in a runway. This type of sealer repels water from the surface preventing water from penetrating small cracks that can potentially cause greater damage. Asphalt sealer is also resistant to oil, gasoline, salt and other staining agents. It is applied with a seal coating spray system and lasts two to three years on sun exposed surfaces.

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