Crack Repair Equipment Helps Keep Your Parking Lot in Top Shape


There are several types of asphalt crack repair equipment on the market. If you’re a property owner with a big parking lot to keep in top shape, you will find that these machines save you time and money. The different types include those machines designed to prepare the surface, those designed to heat the crack filler, those designed for application and then there are combination type machines that include all or most of those features.

Asphalt Crack Repair Preparation: Equipment to Clean Cracks

What You Need for Asphalt Surface Preparation:

  • Crack cleaning equipment
  • Gas blower

Since the first step is preparing the surface, this is the first piece of machinery you should consider investing in. While it is possible to clean out cracks with a screwdriver and some weed killer, it takes longer to do it by hand. If you have a large area to work on, a professional crack-cleaning equipment may be the right choice.

Professionals use this crack cleaning equipment to clean, dry, etch, blow out and remove vegetation with heat. This machine cuts out the wait time. You will be ready to clean the cracks immediately.

Many property owners use smaller crack-cleaners that do not make use of blades, but do include a wire wheel that removes debris and gets rid of any plants that may be growing in the cracks. Blowers or air compressors are another option for removing debris from the surface. However, they don’t do anything to get rid of plant material.

Crack Filling Equipment

The next piece of asphalt crack repair equipment to invest in is a heater for melting hot pour filler. There are cold pour crack filler available for homeowners. This product is ideal for repairing smaller cracks in residential driveways.

If you're repairing larger cracks or you're fixing a commercial parking lot, then a crack filling machine is a great choice. The heaters often come with an applicator attachment and wheels so that you can walk behind the unit as you fill asphalt cracks. These machines are especially nice for long cracks, but they may not work as well for small cracks.

This wheeled heater-applicator combination is basically an all-in-one asphalt crack repair equipment. The only thing the combo machines cannot do is prepare the surface. Since preparing the surface is an important part of the process, the prep tools are important. If you have a lot of cracks, you are not going to want to get on your hands and knees with a screwdriver to clean out the cracks.

Make Your Crack Repair Last!

The final piece of equipment you might want to think about buying is a sand-liner. The sand-liner makes it easy to finish the filled cracks with sand, which makes the repair more durable and longer lasting.

If your parking lot is not a large one, you might not need every piece of crack repair equipment described here. But now that you know what’s available, it should be easier for you to decide which machines to buy.



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