How to prepare and professionally maintain your asphalt

  • How to prep your parking lot
  • Easy crack and pothole repair
  • Sealcoating 101 to protect asphalt
  • Line striping for bright parking lines


Asphalt Maintenance for Property Managers

Maintain Your Property's Parking Lot and Save Money

Cracks, potholes, and faded parking lot lines are safety issues and can lead to liability problems. Avoid costly legal fees by maintaining the asphalt on your property, which has the added benefit of putting off the need for repaving and showing that you/your company care about your tenants, clients or customers.

With this free email guide:

  • you learn how to clean and prep asphalt
  • you get the steps on how to fill cracks and potholes yourself
  • you receive info on sealcoating and how to do it
  • you learn about line striping so you can refresh your parking lines


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