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"We were using outside contractors prior to finding you. Quotes were expensive so we looked for other options, and found you online. We had our internal maintenance employees do the work, and they learned to do it quickly. We were pleased with service, nothing but good feedback, and we saved money."
— Kim Dart, U-Haul Regional Executive Assistant, Texas

The asphalt parking lots at your storage locations are the first thing that your customers see and step onto. Make a good impression by keeping them maintained: it will not only extend the life of your asphalt surface, but also increase the aesthetic value of your property.

Increase your potential customer's sense of security about your storage location by showing them how well-looked-after it is. The better maintained a property is, the more comfortable your prospects will feel. What's more, by doing the work yourself, you can do it on your own schedule, when you know your business isn't busy. No working around a contractor's schedule!

storage-warehouseWe’ve been supplying U-Haul Self Storage facilities in the USA and Canada with Asphalt Maintenance Equipment and Supplies since 2012. We’ve helped them save hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping the asphalt crack repair, patching, sealcoating and striping work in-house.

Let us create your own custom-designed step-by-step asphalt maintenance program at your facility; get the kind of quality you can only get when you do the work yourself. Forget about watered-down asphalt sealer or crack fill that doesn't last the season; get the best quality products at the best price and do the work on your own time. If you can push a lawnmower, you can fill cracks, and if you can run a power washer, you can sealcoat your own parking lot. We make it easy.

Save money with DIY Crack Filling

Purchase our RY10 Pro and pallet of crack filler combo and SAVE $10,000 on your crack filling projects vs hiring a contractor after the application of just one pallet of crack filler!

See the RY10 in action below.

Save money with DIY Storage Lot Parking Maintenance

The average commercial parking lot is about 25,000 square feet. You will SAVE approximately $5,000 doing the work yourself—it will take you less than a few days and you’ll have the equipment for the next time. You’ll save even more the next time. The larger the job, the more you SAVE!

We have FREE information and videos that show you how the work gets done, we offer FREE phone and email consulting and we also supply the best commercial-grade supplies, tools and equipment to get the job done right — shipped Fast and FREE to your door.

Our recommendations are based on the size of your project and if you need to crack repair, sealcoat or even line stripe.


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