The contractors who are crushing it now aren’t just surviving — they’re thriving by welcoming change and staying ahead of the curve. Ready to up your game? This guide will show with super-specific advice, exactly how to ride the wave and take your asphalt business from good to legendary. Let’s get started!

Start Here First

Trends come and go. And we’re not saying you can ignore the trends — you have to know what they are and keep up with them. But when it comes to running your asphalt business, hard work is the name of the game. The number of calls you make, proposals you send out, and follow-ups you do every day will make or break your success. That’s it.

There’s no magic here, just dedication. The top dogs in this industry are thriving by putting in the effort, and there's nothing stopping you from doing the same. Look yourself in the mirror every night and ask yourself if you did enough today. 

If you do that, that’s most of the battle. With that being said, let’s get onto some expert tips to help you boost your leads and leave your competition in the dust in 2024.

Know Your Numbers — Seriously

Cold calling might not be glamorous, but it really is all about the numbers. It’s simple — the more calls you make, the higher your chances of landing sales. 

An equation we like to use is: 
For every prospecting call you make, 30% will ask for a quote (RFQ, or Request for Quote)
For every RFQ, 20% will go through with the service. 
So, with that in mind, take a look at these scenarios:

Request For Quote conversion rate

So, if you want 3 new sales a week, 50 calls a week, or 10 calls a day is the work you need to do. No ifs, buts, or maybes — if you want new clients, put in the work by making 10 prospecting calls a day. 

From there, knowing your numbers helps you set clear sales goals. For instance, to hit $50,000 in revenue, you could either make:

  • 1,667 calls for $500 jobs, or 
  • 17 calls for $50,000 jobs. 

It's simple math, baby —  more calls mean more opportunities. If you contact prospects that have larger jobs, that’s more revenue per job to make life way easier. 

To sum it up, work smarter, not harder — focus on calling high-value targets every single day to maximize your efforts.


Tech Up or Get Left Behind

In 2024, you don't need to waste time by meeting face-to-face to close deals for your asphalt business. Get stuck into technology to save time and boost productivity. 

For example, you can use simple video “notes” to pitch your services to make your proposals stand out. It’s as simple as this example:


Listen to Leigh Kuhn, President of RynoWorx, on why this works:


Tools you'll need:

  • Video Conferencing: Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype for virtual meetings and recordings.
  • Proposal Tools: AK Dash for creating, tracking, and closing professional proposals.
  • CRM: AK Dash's CRM for customer tracking and proposal management specific to asphalt businesses.

These days, it’s a pretty simple equation: be part of the digital world or risk falling behind. Leading with technology, on the other hand, will truly set you apart and position you for success.

The Asphalt Maintenance Sales Process Step-By-Step

Okay, onto how to get that revenue pipeline flowing. Here is the sales process at a glance:


Easier said than done huh? Okay, let’s break all of this down step-by-step to get you rolling:

1. Hunt for Prospects 

We get it — picking up the phone for the first time is nerve-wracking. 

But try and think of it this way — the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t know (or care!) who you are. And if they say no, they’ll forget about the call five minutes later. Just do your best to put on a character who is the most confident version of yourself (and who doesn’t care if the person says “no”) — it sounds dumb, but we promise, it works. 

To help you a bit more with the details, here’s a cold-calling script you can use — just personalize it for your own style so it doesn’t sound forced. Your Mom was right, just be yourself!

Now here’s the kicker to make it really easy. If you’re with AK Dash, you can offer your prospects a FREE professional evaluation using our exclusive Pavement Assessment feature. By assessing their pavement and giving it a PASER scale rating, you can show you’re a pro who’s looking out for them right from the start. This “free gift” gets your foot in the door and shows your value as their go-to pavement expert.

During the assessment, you’ll point out any urgent repairs and maintenance needs. Think of it as a health report for their pavement — you get to tell your clients exactly what their pavement needs and prove you’ve got the goods to be their go-to guy. 

Sell this hard — it works!


Prospecting Commercial Properties

Who should you call to offer your sealcoating or line striping services? Start with facility managers or property owners of busy, year-round establishments like:

  • Distribution centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Delivery companies (e.g. Amazon, grocery stores)
  • Restaurants, fast food chains, event locations
  • Schools, especially during winter and summer breaks

These clients need their parking lots safe, protected, and looking fresh since they’re constantly in use. 

Prospecting Consumer Properties

Next, look at residential prospects:

  • Start with people you know: family, friends, neighbors.
  • Ask for referrals from previous clients.
  • Cold call neighborhoods after completing a few jobs.
  • Contact realtors about properties going on the market.

Using these methods, you’ll connect with the right people and make a lasting impression to land new business.

2. Turning Leads into Gold

Generating and managing leads properly is crucial for turning prospects into paying customers. Normally this bit takes a lot of time, but with AK Dash you can do it pretty quickly while actually boosting your professionalism. Here’s how to handle your leads like a pro:


  1. Track and Qualify Leads:
    • Enter your leads into AK Dash.
    • Qualify each lead as cold, medium, or hot, based on how eager they are to do business based on your pavement assessment.
  2. Engage and Follow Up:
  3. Use Technology:
    • Don’t worry about manually measuring each site — AK Dash has built-in, HD satellite imaging so you can just drag and drop to measure the site down to the last square foot. Those images are automatically put into your proposal to make it look super slick.
    • Take photos of specific problem areas of the site, and AK Dash will automatically upload them to your proposal.
  4. Personalize Your Approach:
    • Record video messages for your leads and include these in your proposals for a personal touch.
    • Schedule virtual meetings to review proposals and address any questions.
  5. Close the Deal:
    • Ask for the close during your meeting — don’t be shy!
    • Use AK Dash's digital signing feature to finalize agreements.


By following these steps, you’ll gently coax your leads toward a sale and boost your chances of converting them into loyal customers for that sweet long-term revenue.

3. Seal the Deal

Your lead is ready to move forward – awesome! Here’s how to seal the deal:

  1. Finalize Everything:
    • Make sure the customer signs off on your proposal, and you counter-sign it. Mark the proposal as 'Won' in AK Dash (oh that feels good every time).
  2. Set Up the Job:
    • Use AK Dash’s Scheduling App Feature to schedule service dates. Don't forget to remind the customer to clear the parking lot or job site.
    • AK Dash’s Scheduling App Feature can also create detailed work orders for your crew, so everyone knows what to do.
  3. Complete the Project:
    • Execute the job flawlessly, as you always do.
    • Get the customer's approval for the job, and then send an invoice. The beers are on you tonight!

4. Grow Without the Pains

Once you’ve completed your first few jobs, it’s time to scale up. Follow up with your customers to get some nice business reviews and testimonials. Don’t worry too much about asking — happy clients are usually willing to help you out. 

If they are okay with it, record their testimonials via Zoom and use them on your website and social media. Don’t forget to ask for referrals. Happy customers can introduce you to new prospects, helping you expand your reach without the growing pains. The more you ask for reviews and testimonials, the more momentum you’ll get with easy new business. 

5. Keep the Wheels Rolling

Keeping your clients happy and loyal is key to growing your business. Whether they're commercial or residential customers, staying on their radar helps to make sure they come back and recommend you to others. Here’s how to keep those relationships strong:

  • Thank You Cards: Send handwritten thank you notes to show your appreciation.
  • Video Messages: Shoot a quick video message to check in and see how they’re doing.
  • Holiday Wishes: Reach out during holidays to wish them well and keep in touch.

Oh, and if you want to put this stuff on autopilot, AK Dash’s Workflow Email Automations Feature will send your clients thank you notes, holiday greetings, and even educational worksheets auto-magically. It’s pretty cool stuff that saves you a TON of time and effort.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence Is Helpful — Even for Asphalters

Look, believe it or not, AI isn’t just for nerds. If you use it properly, it can actually be a game-changer for your asphalt business. Tools like ChatGPT can make your marketing and sales efforts way more efficient. It’s not scary or hard to use it all. Just literally tell it what you want to do. 

It's a game-changer for your asphalt business, too. Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can make your marketing and sales efforts way more efficient. Here’s how:

  • Create Content: Type in “Create a one-year editorial calendar for my asphalt business”, and see what happens.
  • Job Listings: Planning to hire? Type in “Create a job listing for a vacant position in my asphalting business.”
  • Marketing: Type in “Write a marketing page for my asphalting website about ADA compliance services for businesses.”

If it doesn’t come out exactly how you want it the first time, just tell it some extra info until it nails it. 

The more you mess around with it, the better you’ll get, and you’ll be able to smash out some fancy words whenever you need them. The whole idea is to save you time and money whenever possible, so spend five minutes looking at after you read this article and have a think how it could help you. 

Where to Next With AK Dash

We’ve laid out the steps to thrive in the asphalt business in 2024. From tracking your numbers to using tech to lift your game, you know what to do. All you’ve got to do is put in the work. Follow up with clients, ask for referrals, and keep improving. Of course, it’s all going to be a bit harder if you don’t have AK Dash — but there’s an easy fix for that. 


Why not try out AK Dash for free? Find out for yourself how it can transform your business — sign up today and see how easy it is to track leads and create professional proposals that win contracts and boost your revenue sky-high. From there, you’ve got all the tools to build a real legacy your family will be proud of — you can do it, and we can help.


1. How can asphalt contractors use technology to improve their business in 2024?

Use video conferencing tools like Zoom for virtual meetings, AK Dash for creating professional proposals, and asphalt-specific CRM systems like AK Dash to manage client interactions and boost productivity.

2. What are some ways to generate and manage leads in the asphalt industry?

Track leads with AK Dash’s CRM, engage on social media, use AK Dash’s Proposal Generator Engine for quotes, and follow up with personalized video messages.

3. How can AI tools like ChatGPT help asphalt contractors?

AI tools like ChatGPT can create marketing content, job listings, and editorial calendars, saving time and making your marketing and sales efforts more efficient.

4. What is a PASER scale rating, and why is it useful?

A PASER scale rating assesses pavement conditions, helping contractors provide accurate maintenance recommendations and build trust with clients.

5. How can offering free pavement assessments help win more business?

Free pavement assessments showcase your expertise, build trust with potential clients, and set the stage for future sales.