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How to Price a
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If you’ve been wanting to start your own line striping business but you’ve been worried about pricing the jobs wrong and losing business – or worse, losing money on contracts you underprice – then you need the How To Price a Linestriping Job video.

Let’s face it: you work hard for your money.

You can’t afford to buy expensive equipment to just have it sit in your garage because you overbid on a project.  On the other hand, you don’t want to underbid on a project because you didn’t understand what to charge for handicapped stalls, color changes, parking lot layouts or more.  You could end up working for free – or worse, actually paying to work for a client!  Your business could be scuttled before you really get started.

What most people do is use trial-and-error – and needlessly lose a lot of money in the process.  They guess at what to charge and then end up regretting it.  They figure it’s a business start-up tax. 

It doesn’t have to be.

The Ultimate Striping Price Guide


Billy Davidson has been line striping as a side hustle for 25 years, and he's now earning an extra $300,000/yearYou can take advantage of Billy’s years of experience and get a step-by-step guide to pricing a parking lot profitably.

Caleb didn’t know how to price a job, didn’t know whether to price by the hour or the line, and didn’t have a clue about how to stripe.  He found the video on how to estimate striping jobs. The breakdown gave Caleb a formula to try, which he did that very week.  He won the job, and in just one night he made $2,200

With this pricing video, you’ll ride along with Billy as he tours over a dozen parking lots, and he shows you exactly what to look for on each of them. 

He’ll give you the insider secrets on when to discount your service – and when to charge more than the competition. 

Imagine the confidence you’ll have pricing your first job when you know you’ve received mentoring from someone who earns $300,000 a year line striping as a side hustle!


How to Price a Linestriping Job Profitably

  • What tools & equipment you should start with
  • How to determine difficulty level of the job
  • How to estimate prep work
  • When to discount and when to charge more

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Billy doesn’t hold anything back.

The video takes you through determining the level of difficulty of each job, estimating prep work, how to choose the correct paint, and how to avoid costly mistakes by agreeing to repaint two items in a parking lot that should never be painted.

He gives you the exact tools and equipment he uses to maintain a highly profitable side business, and where to start if your budget doesn’t allow you to get everything all at once.

He’s gone to the school of hard knocks and he wants to make sure you don’t have to go there too.  Take advantage of his experience – including his mistakes – to start your business off on the right foot.

You’re at a crossroads

You can sit on the fence, never starting your line striping business because you let fear of pricing mistakes prevent you from getting in the game.  Or you can buy this course, and in 90 short minutes, have the inside knowledge that separates successful business owners from people who stay lost in the fog.

If you’ve been hesitant to take the leap and start your own line striping business – or worse, if you have started your own business and lost money already – this course is for you. 

You’ll be able to confidently approach businesses and quote on their line striping needs because you know exactly what to say and what to quote to earn their business – and earn money.

It’s a power-packed 90 minutes and you’ll be astonished at all the tips and tricks he gives you. 

That’s why for a limited time when you purchase the How To Price a Linestriping Job video, we’re also going to give you a downloadable cheat sheet with Billy’s proven pricing formula – absolutely free. 


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