Asphalt is everywhere and it needs to be maintained. But maintenance can sometimes be expensive for some homeowners and commercial property owners that they opt to do it themselves.


Replacement or repaving is extremely expensive! Asphalt maintenance is THE solution to avoid the costs of replacement.

The problem is the prices of sealcoating and crack repair equipment are often beyond the reach of ordinary property owners. Even more, the pieces of equipment are also only used a handful of times each year, making them an impractical investment for most people.

So here's a potentially lucrative business idea for all you entrepreneurs out there who want to help property owners: asphalt equipment rental.

With your own asphalt equipment rental shop, you can offer asphalt crack cleaner machines, infrared asphalt heaters, crack filler machines, and a host of other asphalt maintenance equipment.

You can specialize in asphalt repair equipment rental alone or integrate it into an existing equipment rental business, too!

Simple Plug N' Play Money Making Solutions At Your Fingertips

RY10 Pro and a Pallet of Deery Crack FillerAsphalt Kingdom will provide you with the equipment, supplies, and marketing knowledge to jumpstart your equipment rental business. We'll also provide you with pricing structures and the leads in your local area that come in through our online channels.

And here's another interesting tidbit for you: you don't need to limit your leads to property owners alone.

A lot of maintenance contractors are also looking to seal pavements and fill cracks in asphalt by renting equipment from you instead of purchasing it. Rental offers them a low-cost and convenient solution to their equipment needs.

Get  Free Shipping with your Money-Making Crack Repair Business Package

You'll get preferred rental advice on the RY10 PRO melter and applicator, as well as a pallet of crack filler (75 X 30-lb Boxes). You'll pay back your investment in no time!

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The RY10 PRO Crack Melter & Applicator

Your Money-Making Vending Machine

Let us introduce you to the RY10 Pro Crack Melter and Applicator. This machine melts a cube of crack filler in minutes and allows users to fill cracks at walking speed. Even better, you can emphasize how using it is so easy it's like a using a push cart.

The RY10 PRO is extremely easy to operate and maintain, too. Take a look at its features.

  • 100% Steel construction
  • No pump to maintain or replace
  • No engine to maintain or replace

Want to know how profitable this machine is?

Then check out the suggested rates below.

  • No flat tires
  • No cleaning

Suggested Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rental Rates

Daily Weekly Monthly
$75.00 $300.00 $1,000.00

With these rates, you can recoup your investment in the RY10 PRO in just 15 rental days!

Earn 45%+ Margin Selling Commercial Rubberized Asphalt Crack Filler

All crack filling machines need one thing: hot pour crack filler!

Property owners and asphalt contractors want quality crack filler that will last and look great. Asphalt Kingdom offers crack filler that are:

  • High-quality and commercial grade
  • Easy to use, store and stack
  • Cures quickly
  • 30-lb boxes
  • 200 linear feet of coverage
  • 5-year shelf life

Pallet of Crack Filler (75 X 30-lb Boxes) Pricing
Your Price Per Pallet: $1,695 (Free Shipping)

Sell each box of crack filler for $50. That's $27.40 in profit per box, and that's $2,055 in profit per pallet.

Your pallet of crack filler investment can be paid back after selling just 34 boxes. The additional 41 boxes are pure profit!

Get FinancingYou and Your Customers' Safety Is Our Priority

We worked directly with the manufacturer to help design a safer, more reliable machine. Unlike other crackfill melters on the market, the RY10 Pro is made for beginners and pros alike. Here are its safety features:

  • Flame-out sensor detects and stops fuel flow
  • Heat-shielded fuel lines prevent overheating
  • Heat-shielded kettle insulates the propane tank
  • Enclosed burner design eliminates most flameouts
  • Push-button electric start - no lighters or strikers
  • Low-flow versus high-flow propane design

Simple Servicing and Maintenance Saves Your Time!

The RY10 Pro requires very little maintenance as it doesn't have an engine, pump or components that need common maintenance or replacement. It has a durable steel construction, and gravity feeds crack filler to the flow valve where the crack filler is applied once liquefied.

You'll want to have your customers empty the RY10 PRO of all crack filler prior to returning it to you. If the client brings it back with remaining crack filler you'll need to charge a cleaning fee of $50 as time will need to be spent re-heating the machine to empty it of all rubberized crack filler prior to the next rental.

General Maintenance Schedule is as follows:

General Maintenance Schedule for the RY10 PRO

Sending Rental Leads Your Way!

Asphalt Kingdom are two of the most visited asphalt maintenance websites on the internet. We generate thousands of visitors looking for asphalt maintenance solutions.

As a loyal supply customer, we'll add your business as an authorized equipment rental and supply solutions to our directory and map. Customers in your area will now find you as a crack repair equipment and supply solution.

Your Conversion Partners, Marketing Material, & Sales Support

RY10 Pro and Crackfill ComboWith more than twenty years in the asphalt maintenance industry, we understand the ins and outs of asphalt maintenance.

We understand the market demands and key marketing leverage points that enhance conversion. As your partner, we will share our years of learning and experience with you.

You'll get marketing with your Crack Repair Equipment Rental Package that will fast track you to rental and supply sales.

Now are you ready to help thousands of who are googling "asphalt equipment rental near me" right now? If the answer is yes, then let's get started. Reach out to us at 1-866-399-5562 and let's get the ball rolling.


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