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Buying asphalt sealer bulk with Asphalt Kingdom empowers your contracting business to run at peak efficiency by securing the most competitive rates and making it available to you wherever you need it.

We ship millions of gallons of sealer annually that you can now take advantage of & save. Whether you're looking for bulk fills at a plant, deliveries to your place of business or deliveries to your job site, we have all the solutions that are right for you.

In-Plant Fills

Ordering new drums and totes of sealer every time you run out is an inefficient practice and leaves you responsible for disposing of the empty containers. Cut down on the waste and expense by going straight to the source and refilling your existing drums or totes. 

Find your nearest plant and get the best rate with Asphalt Kingdom.

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Bulk Tanker

Bulk Tank Fills

When plant fills become too time consuming, you and your team can eliminate those trips and save even more per gallon by installing a bulk tank at your place of business. Asphalt Kingdom will arrange for the sealer to come to you and fill your tank at the best rates in the industry. 


The team at Asphalt Kingdom can help you with that as well.

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Spot-Tanker Delivery

When the job calls for something bigger, particularly 2,000 gallons of sealer or more, the best answer may he having a bulk tanker delivered right to your job site. Asphalt Kingdom will connect you with the most competitive price per gallon and have it delivered right to the proper location – no need to travel to a plant or to your headquarters to refill. 

  • No time spent on travel
  • No need for refills
  • No cost for shipping

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