Blacktop Driveway Repair Tools for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Blacktop Driveway Repair

You can do your own blacktop driveway repair if you have the right tools. Some of the basic tools, like a broom, are probably already in your garage. The process starts with preparing the surface.

Surface Preparationblacktop driveway repair isn't hard to do

The amount of surface preparation you will need to do will depend on what shape your driveway is in currently. If you have cracks that need to be filled, those require the most preparation. If all you need to do is apply sealant, sweeping the area and possibly washing away debris with your water hose may be all you need to do.

There are professional tools for cleaning out cracks. You need to make sure that you get out any debris or broken pieces of asphalt. If the crack has been there for a while, there may be soil and plants growing up through the cracks. You need to get that stuff out before pouring in the filler material.

Filling in Cracks

Most homeowners and businesses with small parking lots can use cold-pour fillers. While the cold-pour is the least expensive and the easiest type of filler to use, it will not set properly if the cracks are not cleaned thoroughly.

To do blacktop crack repair without professional driveway repair equipment, you can use an air blower or compressor and a screwdriver to get out any loose chunks of asphalt. You should not try to clean out the cracks with a pressure washer or with any other kind of water.

If you need to wash the driveway before you do the repairs, you need to let it dry thoroughly before attempting to fill any cracks. Any water that gets in the cracks can get under the rest of your driveway and contribute to additional cracks in the future.

If you have plants growing out of the cracks, you can use weed killer or vinegar and wait for time to kill the plants. A good alternative for blacktop crack repair on a small scale is a propane torch. There are some that are specifically designed to burn weeds. This is a quick and easy tool to use.

You're Ready!

Once the surface has been prepared, you will be ready to pour in your filler or apply your sealer, if that’s the job you are doing. You will need a squeegee or a trowel to compress and smooth the filler once the crack has been filled.

Blacktop driveway repair is not a hard job, especially when there are not too many cracks in the asphalt. With the right products and a few simple tools, you can do the job on a warm Saturday afternoon.

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