Asphalt business is as challenging as any other self-owned company, but it is one of the most rewarding and profitable.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of the business as well as we do, Asphalt Kingdom will work as hard as you do to get you started, and keep you going strong. Here is what we have learned for a successful start-up pavement maintenance company.

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Start Risk-Free Part-Time

BeforeAndAfterIn this work climate, any job you have is worth 50holding on to! Why not start driveway sealing part-time on your days off? This way you don't have to have hundreds of customers to be successful - you can build slowly and carefully at your own pace. This also saves you from having to hire staff up front, and lets you do the job, sell yourself, and your quality.

Tip: Take before-and-after pictures to use on your website, flyers, and other advertising. Seeing is believing for customers.

Teach Yourself The How To's

Before you spend a single dime on starting your own asphalt business learn how to do it right! As the first step, learn how to do driveway sealing, and then move on to things like crack repair and line striping, things that a full-service pavement maintenance company offers.

We have the complete series of FREE guides here.

Be Your Own Best Example

The old saying "the shoemaker's children go without shoes" is the best example of bad marketing. Anyone who sees your home and sees grey, tired-looking asphalt, certainly isn't going to want you to do their driveway sealing. Get out there and practice on your own driveway and showcase that you know how. Plus, you'll get much needed experience that can only come with doing the actual work.

Ken Evans Evans Asphalt & Concrete"This little seal coating business we began 4 1/2 years ago is on track to possibly break $2 million in sales this year. I never would have expected that at the beginning."

Ken Evans
Evans Asphalt & Concrete


Johnny Bublich Wyoming Asphalt Repair"I started Wyoming Asphalt Repair with Asphalt Kingdom equipment and material. I am very impressed with how great the equipment runs and how great the material works. Their customer service and sales team is top shelf!!"

Johnny Bublich
Wyoming Asphalt Repair

Dom Manzo"The owner of this company is amazing! He truly is willing and desiring to help others succeed!"

Dom Manzo
Local Sealcoating Inc.

Equipment You Need For Your Asphalt Business

This is very much a matter of how much you want to invest in your future pavement maintenance company. It would be ridiculous to suggest you start with a broom and a squeegee—that's way too basic for starting an asphalt business (although it works well for a home-owner). Nor do we force our business in a box package on someone who only wants to start up part-time. Our asphalt experts will work with your pavement maintenance company plans to get the right equipment for you.

Profit Margins Are Easy To Figure Out

Find out how much you can earn as a sealcoaterNo one should get into anything without knowing exactly what kind of profit can be made. Our profit calculator for driveway sealing shows you exactly what the cost versus profit will net you in a month, just by entering the number of hours you're willing to invest.

If you're thinking about starting your own driveway sealing or pavement maintenance company, let us help you. What does it cost you to take advantage of our help and mentoring? Nothing! We know that we only succeed when you succeed. The more business you do, the more business we do. That's what our company is all about. With our years of experience in the asphalt business, we know exactly what it takes to get up and running and earning.

While you're here, do check out our Silver Sealcoating Business Package; we think the reviews at the end speak to our level of service.

Want to start smaller?

Start a crack repair business! Cracks form in asphalt in all climates and throughout the year. A crackfilling business lets you get a foothold into the industry of asphalt maintenance.
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