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Hi, my name is Anthony Byson. I grew up in Southeastern Michigan where I was hired right out of high school by a sealcoat and line striping company that had 45 years in business. I learned the industry of Pavement Asset Management from one of the oldest companies in my state. Through startup and growth I have gained much knowledge, tips and techniques from the inside out. I have grown passionate in helping others start or gain more knowledge in this business overall. 

Access to coaching and information like in the AK coaching program didn’t exist in 2005 when I started in the industry or in 2009 when I started my own company. Although I now have around 9,000 asphalt projects completed, I still wish it was available to me then. I know wholeheartedly the gap between starting up and success would’ve been much less. 

Within my first season I was lucky enough to come across a fellow company owner that was selling his business to return to active military duty. During that meeting he said, “Asphalt maintenance got me everything I ever wanted.” I knew he had a brick built home in a very nice neighborhood, he had toys like jet skis, boats and nice cars. 

Although I didn’t offer to buy that business I learned something from him that day. It was in the confidence of his voice how asphalt sealcoating had brought success to his life. That made me confident that I had a real chance to make good money. The bonus, I already loved doing the actual work so I knew I would also be successful doing something I loved to do.

This business is easy to learn, profitability is easy to achieve quickly and to start the investment can be pretty low. The clients are easy to find and target, they are accessible. Your clients will sing your praises and when you do a good job they’ll recommend your company to other property owners. 

I want to share what has been a gift in my life, Pavement Asset Management. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who wants to make money outdoors, is not afraid to get their hands dirty and desires a change in their lives. This business has given me so much freedom and allowed me time with my family traveling in the cold season. Freedom and a change in your life is only a short time away!

Anthony Byson and his Family
Learn from my 15-plus years of experience and shorten your gap from startup to success. 

Let’s take the time to get started and up to speed on what you’ll need and where to begin so that you’re successful from the beginning. 

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