Add Line Striping to your business and make more money!

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  • A typical estimate for a parking lot with 50 stalls
  • Links to free online resources to learn how to line stripe

Add Line Striping to Make More Money

Crack filling and sealcoating have been the staples of your asphalt maintenance company for the longest time. The profit margin you earn from these asphalt maintenance services is quite high (especially during peak seasons), so you don't see any reason to add line striping to your business any time soon.

But did you know that you can make more money when you include line striping to your business? We have many customers who decided to venture into line striping as well, and the results have been fantastic. Annual revenues are at an all-time high, and business has never been better.

Not quite convinced that line striping is right for you? Or you might have heard negative things about it that it has put you off of line striping entirely? Then let us explain why line striping is important, and counter some of the most common misconceptions about this service so you can consider adding it to your business.

How Important is Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot striping and other pavement markings are not there simply for decoration. They are mandated by local governments to ensure that the driveway and the parking lot are safe and that the area is maximized. They guide customers and tenants, ensure handicap access, and improve the overall appearance of the lot. 

Some Common Misconceptions About Line Striping

There is little or no demand for line striping in my area

This is not true at all. Drive around your city and you'll see that there are plenty of faded parking lot paints and other road markings that you and your crew can revitalize. Apartment complexes, schools, stadiums, strip malls, churches, office buildings—you name it, you can paint it. Plus, you don't have to cater to existing businesses only. You can also approach owners or property managers of buildings that are currently being constructed to score new projects for your business. 

It's not as lucrative as crack repair and sealcoating, and therefore not worth doing

Again, this is false. With the right property, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars in a single job thanks to line striping. Line striping is pretty versatile when it comes to pricing, allowing you to charge per line, per arrow, or even per linear foot. Learn more about line striping prices here.  

Line striping equipment is expensive

This is technically not a misconception as line striping equipment is indeed expensive. But because line striping jobs are extremely profitable, the machine virtually pays for itself after several years or months. Plus, these machines make you more efficient, ensuring that you can do multiple projects in one day.

Straight lines and accurate pavement markings are difficult to create

Not at all. Line striping is one of the easiest and least labor-intensive services you can do for clients thanks to a broad range of labor-saving line striping equipment and stencils available for contractors like you.

But I Don't Know Anything About Line Striping

If you’re planning to add line striping to your business but you’re unfamiliar with the process or you don’t know how to source supplies, then let us help you. Here at Asphalt Kingdom, we're committed to providing great value to new and existing clients. We do not just provide crack fillers, sealcoat, paints, and other asphalt maintenance supplies and equipment. We will teach you everything you need to know about line striping through our Free Line Striping Course so you can get started in this lucrative venture as soon as possible.