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How are you gonna close more deals with car dealerships by providing asphalt maintenance services? Judson Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom tells you more in this video.

Judd explains how asphalt maintenance can help car dealership owners and managers with their business problem: increasing car sales. Car dealerships are an absolute opportunity for you to build some good accounts because their parking lots cover much larger spaces, which means more work and more money.

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Judson BurdonJudson Burdon here with Asphalt Kingdom. Today we're going to talk about how you're going to close way more deals with car dealerships by providing asphalt maintenance services.

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All right, so let's get into the nitty-gritty. How are you going to close more deals at car dealerships by providing asphalt maintenance services? All right, it's pretty easy. Here's the thing. Anytime somebody is driving up to a parking lot they are arriving at a business let's say and the first thing they do is they step outside of their car and what do they step on?

They step onto the asphalt down below. Now if that asphalt is cracked and decayed, dry and oxidized, what does that mean for the business, as the owner of that pavement asset? You see asphalt as it dries out it gets cracked, it gets gray, it ends up with potholes and depressions and it looks terrible so subconsciously a potential customer that's arriving at a car dealership, they're arriving in their car usually or walking on that parking lot and the first thing they do is step on that parking lot.

If that pavement is cracked and it has potholes and depressions, what is the subconscious message that's being sent to that potential buyer? Maybe that business is not sound, maybe that business is cracked and decayed, maybe that particular dealership is not taking care of their property, meaning that those cars are not taken care of. So let's talk about the value proposition as you go up as a pavement maintenance contractor and you're going to go sell a car dealership. Let's say it's the owner of the car dealership, or the general manager, or the property manager. You're going to want to get through to those three different people. If you can't get one look for the other but the goal here is to walk up and say,

"Hey listen, I have a way that you're going to be able to sell more cars. We're a pavement specialist company, we provide asphalt maintenance services. We fill cracks, we seal them up. We do all the potholes and depressions and we put down a nice matte black seal coat across the whole parking lot with fresh crisp yellow lines or white lines depending on what they're looking for and now you have this beautiful canvas that's matte black with crisp lines with these brand new cars that are sitting on it."

Now you've got a nice platform to be able to sell those cars right. You don't want to have a car being sold on a parking lot that looks like hell. You want to be able to sell these cars in a parking lot that looks like it's been maintained. It looks like the business has been maintained, the windows at the car dealership are clean, the asphalt should be clean as well and it should be looking fresh and ready to be able to sell these cars.

So make sure that when you're selling your asphalt maintenance services, you're talking about helping them solve the problem which is selling more cars.

Well, now you can do that you can now say,

"Hey, my name is [Your Name]. I'm from asphalt maintenance incorporated and what we're here to do is help you sell more cars and here's how we're going to do it. We're going to seal all these cracks, fill the potholes and depressions. We're going to seal coat it with a nice matte black finish with crisp lines on top. Think about it. Would you buy a car off of something that looked the way it is right now or would you buy a car off of a nice clean matte black surface?"

Let's gift wrap these cars with a beautiful parking lot and let's start selling car dealerships on our asphalt maintenance services. Please comment below, let me know if this video has helped out at all. But car dealerships are an absolute opportunity for you to go out and build some really good accounts and don't forget, car dealership parking lots are much larger than small 1,000 or 2,000 square foot jobs.

So your average price now per job with car dealerships is going to be much higher, getting you closer to your financial goal faster. So let's really work on this everybody. Give it a shot. Comment below about how this has worked out for you. Again, subscribe. Click that notification button and we look forward to hearing how car dealerships are selling more cars because of your specialty in taking care of their parking lots and making them look great. Thanks for tuning in. Appreciate you watching this video.

See you soon.

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