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Make thousands of dollars a day painting lines. The All Pro Parking Lot Striping Course is all you need to start, grow and drive your own line striping business.

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Scale to make six figures or more a year

Billy Davidson has over 25 years of experience and he’s boiled it down into 9 hours of videos that walk you through each step of creating and growing your own parking lot painting business.

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Billy Davidson

In the All Pro Parking Lot Striping Course, you will learn:

Line Striping Equipment
Line Striping Equipment

Learn how to use and operate line painting equipment safely

Business Rules & Regulations
Business Rules & Regulations

Business licensing, insurance, banking and ADA compliance

Expert Tips & Best Practices
Expert Tips & Best Practices

The best tips Billy Davidson has from being in the industry for over 25 years

How to Price & Estimate
How to Price & Estimate

Real-life scenarios on how to estimate and price out your jobs

Getting Leads
Getting Leads

Billy’s tried and true strategies to get fresh leads – even during recessions and pandemics


How to advertise, land new customers and get repeat clients

Comprehensive course that takes you step by step

Everything you need to know to start your business, with no stone unturned and no question unanswered. You will get info on:

  • Where Billy finds the customers he needs to make 6 figures a year
  • How to price jobs to make a profit
  • Why you don’t have to (or want to) be the cheapest
  • The number one mistake people make with their striping machines
  • Dangerous mistakes newbies make and how you can avoid them
  • How to set your paint gun the right way
  • Colors to use on lines, curbs and marking signs
  • How to stay within guidelines for ADA regulations
  • Top secret tip about color changes that can make or break your profit
  • Tricks only the professionals know that saves you time and adds to your bottom line

Here’s what they have to say..



A good friend of mine started his own painting business and I am actually leaving my current job to join him. I want to add parking lot striping to his business. Your videos are awesome!




Billy provides a brand of professionalism as well as resourcefulness that is unmatched in this industry. His expertise and friendly spirit ensure a smooth experience every time. Highly recommended.





  • $300 off the full price for Billy Davidson’s
    All Pro-Line Striping Course
  • Access to Billy’s line striping knowledge of 25+ years in nine hours of videos, insider know-how
  • Line Striping Business Kit

Send us your receipt for the All Pro Line Striping Course and we will send you the Asphalt Kingdom Line Striping Business Kit, which includes:


grommet-icons_checkbox-selected A customizable proposal template

grommet-icons_checkbox-selected Invoice and contract templates

grommet-icons_checkbox-selected Marketing package

grommet-icons_checkbox-selected How to price line striping cheatsheet



Add Line Striping to your business and make more money!


In this free PDF download:

  • Why you should add line striping to your existing asphalt maintenance business
  • The estimated prices you can charge for lines, stencils, crosswalks and more. See how much more revenue you could be making!
  • A typical estimate for a parking lot with 50 stalls
  • Links to free online resources to learn how to line stripe


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