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Don't Make These Mistakes!


The road to success in the asphalt maintenance industry is paved with U-turns and pitfalls. Making minor mistakes is normal. Who among us hasn't forgotten to send an important email to a supplier or missed out on a very lucrative bid, right?

But certain mistakes are so fatal they have the power to bring down your asphalt maintenance business. Learn how to identify these blunders, so you can avoid committing them.

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In this asphalt contractor resource, you'll learn:

  • Why it's wrong to neglect the marketing and sales side of your business
    Yes, you're running a sealcoating and crack filling company. You even expanded to line striping and alligator patching this year. But mastering sealcoating and providing good service is just the tip of the iceberg.
    You need to stop looking at your company only as one that provides asphalt maintenance. Instead, you should give equal importance to marketing and sales, too.

    So, how do you ensure that your asphalt maintenance company's marketing and sales departments are robust and able to meet challenges head-on?
    In this resource, you'll learn the importance of an oft-neglected online platform that plays a huge role in marketing and sales. 
    You'll also learn why you should establish your presence on social media and use it to your advantage. 
    We'll discuss why consistent contact information is crucial to your success and why making follow-up calls is better than sending emails.

  • Why investing in the right software is easily one of the wisest decisions one can make as a business owner
    Crack filling and sealcoating involve a lot of hard work. You're up in the early morning and stay under the heat of the sun all day fixing and maintaining asphalt parking lots. The last thing you want to do when you go home is spending the rest of the night typing proposals or following up with a client.
    The good news is you can automate these tasks so you can focus on what's important (that is, providing the best kind of service for your customers). 
    In this resource, you're going to learn about software made especially for asphalt maintenance contractors like you. Check out the most indispensable online tools for your asphalt maintenance business, and learn how to leverage technology to boost your profits.

  • The importance of setting goals for your team
    Learn the importance of setting goals for every member of your team in this Asphalt Kingdom resource. 
    Do your sales and customer service teams have goals or just winging it out? If not, what kind of goals should you set, and how do you assist your team in reaching them? Is it better to go after 100 small jobs or is it more profitable to pursue 10 lucrative ones? Find out the answers to these questions in this Asphalt Kingdom resource.

  • Why failing to understand the cost that comes with running an asphalt maintenance business can be a fatal mistake
    Discover the most misunderstood cost of running an asphalt maintenance business and learn how you can rectify them. From failing to manage cash flow to neglecting proper billing – you'll find them all right here.

  • Why you should invest right now in your asphalt maintenance company's growth
    Maybe it's your first or second year in business and you're looking forward to the next season. But the thing is, it's never too early to think about scaling. Learn why you should start investing in your company's growth right now and how you and your crew can prepare for the challenges ahead.

    Asphalt Kingdom has been in the business for more than 20 years. We've condensed the lessons we've learned over the years to share with up-and-coming asphalt maintenance contractors like you who want to ensure their business's success. So download this free resource now!

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