1 QUICK Way To Turn Storage Facilities Into
Asphalt Maintenance Customers


How are you gonna turn storage facilities into your asphalt maintenance customers? Easy. Judd explains the actionable steps you can go through in this video.

Storage facilities are ideal customers for you because the average square per foot on that job is much larger than the residential market or small commercial market. Get to the end of the video and Judd has a sample script you can use when you are in front of a facility manager, property manager, or owner.

Have a beautiful day and go close some storage facility deals. Let's go!

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Judson Burdon

What's going on everybody? Judson Burdon here from Asphalt Kingdom. So excited to share bunch of value with you today. We are gonna speak about "How are you gonna turn Storage Facilities into your asphalt maintenance customer by providing sealcoating, crack repair, and potholes services". But before we dig in on how you are gonna close those storage facilities into customeres, let's go ahead and click that ringy bell notification so that you will be notified everytime we push out content and let's also click that subscribe button to subscribe to our channel so that you can through our playlist and all of the videos that we have here.

Alright, how are you gonna turn storage facilities into your asphalt maintenance customers? Really really really easy. Storage facilities are the ideal customers for you. Why? Because the average square per foot on that job is much larger than the residential market, or small commercial market.

You end up with like 7 or 8, 10, 20k square feet on that kind of a job, and the great news are that all of those storage facilities are all about keeping up with their property and maintaining it, notice their building is really well painted, notice that the security all set, that their building when you walk their office there is always nice brochures and pictures on the walls and person that setting there at the desk.

They maintain their properties because if the property is not maintained they are not able to rent the storage facilities. So storage units you see need to be nice and clean as well. The concrete, the metal, the paint, again everything needs to be great. The parking lot cannot be left alone. Asphalt is the asphalt very first thing that somebody steps so when they get out of their car, they are thinking about renting a unit at the storage at the facility, right?

They step out of their car, they step onto the asphalt and they look down. If that asphalt is looks cracked and decayed, with potholes and depressions, what kind of subconscious message does that particular renter have in their mind?

Perhaps the storage facility is not maintained, maybe there are rats, cracks, and humidity in there. It's gonna ruin my furniture and stuff that I want to be stored.

What you wanna do is you wanna go to them with the value proposition. You wanna solve the storage facility problem. How do we do that?

You speak with the facility manager, property manager, or owner. Those are the 3 people you wanna speak with, you need to go from essentially the gatekeeper right through to the person who is the decision-maker. Make sure to get one of those three. Again, facility manager, property manager, or ideally the owner. Once you speak with them you are gonna say,


We are an asphalt maintenance specialist and what we do is manage pavement assets. What we would love to do is to help your clients or potential clients know that your property is maintained to its fullest. Asphalt parking lots, are an asset, and they need to be maintained and not just for the safety aspect and to prolong its life, but also for the curb appeal. You want it to look really great, right? So when people are arriving at your property, and they step out of your car, or they walk up to the property, the very first thing they step on is they arrive at your property, literally the doorway into your business, is the parking lot.

And so what we wanna do is help you to have the great curb appeal for the parking. That you need to get their subconscious to your clients or potential clients so that they know that your business is taking care of and well maintained. And what we can do is provide you with the pavement asset management plan, literally a 10-year budget plan, this is what you will spend to take care of. Year three is what you'll spend, year five, year 7, and year 10, you'll be able to provide them with the pavement asset management plan for their particular parking lot.


That way, they will be able to budget over the next 10 years and what it does is secures long-term business for you as well. You see a lot of pavement specialist out there they go out and they offer 1 service offering with 1 proposal and then they come back three years later and hopes they will get their business again but it is too late because now there are contractors that showed up and closed them on a deal.

You wanna get them into this 10-year maintenance plan and if you can do that, you can help prolong the life of their asphalt, keep the curb appeal looking great and keep their parking lot safe. Which is very important for liability issues.

Thank you so much for watching this video. Please comment below let us know if you have any questions or you have any feedback regarding the video. We are always looking to improve. And thank you so much for tuning it to our Asphalt Kingdom Channel.

Have a beautiful day and go close some storage facility deals. Let's go!

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