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Stephanie Byson from Anthony's Ashpalt

Anthony's Asphalt Sealcoating Project Done

Stephanie Byson

Hello! I am Stephanie Byson. I own and manage Anthony’s Asphalt in southeastern Michigan with my husband Anthony. We’ve been in business for 15 years and started with absolutely nothing. 

In 2009 we bought a $700 rusty Ford and a couple of 55 gallon drums and started sealing driveways. Fast forward to 2023 and we’ve built a well branded, five star, award winning company that is in demand and thriving. 

I didn’t know at the start of this just how much this industry would grow me as an individual.

I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and only discovered asphalt maintenance when Anthony came home from work one day with an idea of starting his own sealcoating business. (Enter super supportive wife - well fiancé at the time.) So, that is what we did. No plan other than to be self employed. We continued working our day jobs and he would come home in the evening and head out to seal driveways. 

It wasn’t long before he needed my help keeping track of “the schedule” he was now creating. Soon he’d have to actually quit his job to be more available for the asphalt work he was contracting. Speaking of contracts, we didn’t even have them, just handwritten details on a small sheet of paper. Looking back it’s amazing the trust people put in us at that time. Our first year we grossed a little over $35k.

Since that first year we’ve grown exponentially. We’ve established a well oiled and successful system. Our image has come incredibly far from that very first rusty Ford pickup. The skills I’ve harnessed in business and life in general are all because we decided to just go for it. We’ve built an incredible thing from the ground up and you can too!

Over the years I’ve created the framework for our business, substantiated the policies, drafted the procedures and assisted in outlining our core values and the rhythm in which we operate. My focus currently is sales, marketing and client relations. I have a graphic design background and love marketing but also thrive when talking to people about an industry I’ve grown to be passionate about. 

Anthony Byson and his Family

I would absolutely love to link arms with you. To guide you through the very details that I had to learn on my own. Your growth doesn’t have to take as long as mine did. 

I’m so excited to work with you!

Owner & Manager @ Anthony's Asphalt
Asphalt Kindom Coach/Mentor

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