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Hey there, I'm Skyler Garman, based out of Central Pennsylvania. Currently, Where I currently run my pavement asset management business. I learned the ropes from the original owner of ProSeal, a Marine Corps vet who really knew his stuff. He ran a tight ship but struggled to step back from the daily grind. After 15 years in business, that's where my journey began.

Jumping into the asphalt industry wasn't just a bold move; it was a journey marked by tough times. See, coming from the fitness world, I felt like a lone ranger in an industry that lacked a supportive community. The asphalt gig? Well, it didn't have that camaraderie you find elsewhere, no tribe to lean on for advice or celebrate wins with. But that's where I stand out.

Recognizing that lack of community, I've committed myself to making a difference. My goal isn't just about services – it's about creating a real community. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned player, I've got your back.

I know the struggles, from figuring out marketing to setting up an office. My support system aims to be the light in those early dark days. We're about arming your team with the skills they need, streamlining operations, and fostering an environment where everyone thrives. The odds might be stacked against us, but together, we're carving a path to success.

Our field training? It's hands-on and practical, geared to boost your team's confidence in the asphalt game.

For businesses already kicking, it's more than just about growth – it's about making sure your journey aligns with your dreams. We're about fine-tuning crew management and ensuring your cash flow fuels your expansion. Our advisory team? They're not just experts; they're your reliable squad for ongoing success.

Whether you're starting out, eyeing new equipment, or pushing for bigger growth, I'm here to make sure all that hard work truly pays off.

Your journey is my mission. Your success is what drives me.

Let's walk this path together and build your story in the asphalt world.


Owner & Operator
ProSeal Asphalt Maintenance

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