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5 Ways to Ruin Your Asphalt

Planning to apply asphalt sealer on your driveway or parking lot? Congratulations because you're well on your way to extending the lifespan of pavement assets.

You've watched all the Asphalt Kingdom DIY guides on YouTube and you've also read our blogs. You're ready to purchase all the supplies and tools you need for sealcoating or crack filling.

But before you order a drum of sealer or your very first sealcoating brush, there are some things you need to know. Things that will determine whether your sealer will adhere to the asphalt or not. Crucial factors that will determine whether you have to redo it or have a driveway that will last for many years.

In this Asphalt Kingdom resource, you'll learn about the Top Five Ways to Ruin an Asphalt Maintenance Job and how you can prevent them. Let's take a quick look at what you're going to learn when you download this FREE DIY asphalt maintenance resource.

Why you shouldn't skip proper surface preparation

Asphalt has all kinds of dirt on it especially if it's been years since you last had it sealed. Dust, leaves, pebbles, loose aggregates – you name it, you'll find it sitting on top of your asphalt. Then there are oil stains, weeds, and moss.

In this Asphalt Kingdom resource, you'll learn why getting rid of dirt and anything sitting on top of the asphalt is crucial to your sealcoating project's success. Do you need to use a pressure washer to get rid of deep-seated dirt? Download and read Asphalt Kingdom resource to find out the answer.

Surface Preparation

Why neglecting to fill potholes and cracks is a bad decision

Whether you're sealing the pavement or not, it's always a good idea to repair cracks and potholes first.

Applying sealer is like painting a wall. You need to wipe down the walls, fill holes, and fix cracks before applying paint. If you neglect this part of the process, you're just going to paint over those ugly cracks and holes without addressing the root of the problem. The problem will not only persist but also become more obvious over time.

In this resource, you'll learn why addressing asphalt damage is crucial to maintaining your driveway or parking lot. You'll learn why timely repairs can prolong the pavement's lifespan. You'll also get a quick look at how to fix cracks and patch a pothole.


Why using cheap and substandard materials just isn't worth it

In today's economy, it's important to use the most affordable product you can find. So you check prices meticulously and compare them to see which product gives you more bang for your buck.

But are you really getting your money's worth? What if the quality of the product is subpar and you end up with asphalt sealer that peels away easily or an asphalt patch that crumbles within days?

There's nothing wrong with finding and using the most affordable products. But if you want your asphalt to last longer, then it's important to not just consider the cost of the product but also take into account its quality.

Access this resource and find out some important tips on choosing the best and most affordable asphalt maintenance. You'll also learn which sealcoating product is better for you and your pocket, as well as tips on sealer shelf life.


Why using the wrong tools and equipment can make your job more difficult

You bought several drums of sealer and a bucket of alligator patch. The sun's out, and you just brought them out of your garage. You're finally ready to roll!

But there's just one problem. The sealer brush you ordered is too small to be efficient. Plus, the squeegee you purchased for applying Gator Patch is the wrong one.

Asphalt maintenance is not rocket science. But asphalt maintenance supplies are not that cheap either and even just a small mistake could be fatal for your driveway or parking lot.

Stop wasting time by delaying your project. Read this Asphalt Kingdom resource to discover the right tools for your asphalt sealcoating project.



Why it's better to start protecting your asphalt sooner rather than later

Have you been putting off fixing those alligator cracks or patching that pothole? Don't wait! Get started now!

Read why putting off your asphalt maintenance project is a bad decision here, so download this valuable resource now.



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