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Read on to learn how John Bublich started Wyoming Asphalt Repair during hard times and thrived with the support of Asphalt Kingdom.



The Covid-19 pandemic brought many changes and challenges to billions of people worldwide. As new cases and fatalities continued to surge, it was only a matter of time before its effects rippled to the economy.

Spring and summer of 2020 was a bloodbath for many businesses as many struggled to cope and stay afloat amid lockdowns and poor business sales. Giant retailers were forced to file for bankruptcy, while industries, such as the petroleum, mining, and logistics industries, were not spared. Downsizing, layoffs, and closures became the norm.


Its effects inevitably trickled down to the workers. One of those impacted was John "Johnny" Bublich, an MMA fighter and former oil field worker.

In this case study, we're going to learn more about John Bublich and his journey to overcome the odds amid the pandemic thanks to his sealcoating business. You will also learn about how Asphalt Kingdom became instrumental to his success, so that you, too, can replicate it.  

John Bublich Oil Field Worker



John's experience at the beginning of the pandemic mirrored the story of millions of people worldwide. He had been working in the petroleum industry for 13 years when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. When oil dropped -$37 a barrel, he was one of the thousands of people who were laid off from work.


Devastated and with few prospects in sight thanks to quarantine restrictions, Johnny was forced to think of ways to earn money. As the pandemic raged on, he looked for high-profit businesses that one could do without training or education.


While browsing the internet one day, John googled "asphalt repair" and the first thing that popped up was Asphalt Kingdom. He visited the Asphalt Kingdom website and checked out the contractor packages.

Johnny had his misgivings, but he quickly set them aside and decided to dip his toes into the sealcoating business. Using his credit card, he purchased the Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package from Asphalt Kingdom.

The equipment arrived late winter, so he had plenty of time to put everything together and figure things out. Once spring came, he was ready to go but unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions the seal coating season was delayed.

This setback did not deter John from getting started on his dream. When the weather conditions improved and the snow melted, John wasted no time to start knocking on doors of local businesses with potholed and cracked parking areas.

He had no prior experience in seal coating and crack repair, but that did not stand in his way. He was able to learn everything he wanted to know about seal coating and crack repair by reading resources on the Asphalt Kingdom website and watching Asphalt Kingdom YouTube videos.

Johnny got his first job somewhat unexpectedly. He was driving around town, searching for prospective clients when he saw a parking lot with a large pothole in it. Conscious of his lack of experience, he waited in his car for several minutes before he finally worked up the courage to approach the property owner with a proposal. To his surprise, his company, Wyoming Asphalt Repair got the job!

He was on to something - emergency repairs were a great foot in the door with businesses, and an easy sell.  In the next few months, his business took off! As a matter of fact, seven out of ten businesses owners he spoke to would sign up for his services, taking on more asphalt maintenance repairs from his company once they saw his professional pothole repair work.  It was the ultimate calling card for his new business.

John Bublich Wyoming Asphalt Repair

“I started Wyoming Asphalt Repair with Asphalt Kingdom equipment and material. I am very impressed with how great the equipment runs and how great the material works. Their customer service and sales team is top shelf!!”

John Bublich
Wyoming Asphalt Repair LLC


Wyoming Asphalt Repair started offering its seal coating and crack repair services in the middle of April 2021. With hard work and determination, in the next two months John's company earned just under $50,000 in sales and increased its profits to 75%. His excitement grew even more as he able to land a 140,000 square foot job!  We look forward to following this go-getter's success story.

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