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βœ… The secret formula for leveraging word-of-mouth marketing

βœ… The effectiveness of referral programs and how to design one

βœ… Proven techniques for asking for referrals confidently and effectively

🌟 Featuring John Evans, Founder & CEO of Everline Coatings 🌟

John Evans, a successful entrepreneur and industry leader, will share his wisdom and experience. He built a thriving painting franchise in university and launched Everline Coatings in 2012. Featured on Dragons' Den, John's company serves clients across Canada directly or through an extensive network of skilled franchise owners.

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Judd Burdon,
Asphalt Kingdom

From living in his car and selling his guitar for food money, to living in the Caribbean and inspiring people to take the leap and start their own asphalt maintenance company, Judd knows first hand what it takes to really succeed in this business. A thought leader in the industry, he actively mentors entrepreneurs who have new and growing asphalt maintenance businesses providing advice on sales, marketing and growth strategies.

John Evans
, Everline Coatings

John caught the entrepreneurship bug in university by building a successful painting franchise. He launched Everline Coatings in 2012. He has been featured in Dragons’ Den (the Canadian equivalent of Shark Tank) as an industry disrupter. His company provides services across Canada directly or through a network of highly-skilled franchise owners.