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Use Our Large Volumes To Get Better Crack Sealant Pricing

We've been working with asphalt maintenance companies to ultimately save them money on the direct fire and oil jacketed crack sealant costs.


We also handle all the logistics and details of making sure the loads get to the door or job sites on time. It's simple! We go through huge volumes with manufacturers and pass along our discounts to you.

Asphalt Kingdom would love to get a crack at earning your business. We ask for honest information and input so we can go to the negotiating table for you and do our best to make it happen. We promise to give it our best shot. Worst case, we tried!


It's simple for us to provide you with a quote.

  • Tell us the address where you'd like the crack fill to be delivered, either just once for a particular job, or for all time.
  • Tell us how much you need quoted now (1 pallet, 2 pallets, 3 pallets or more. Even a truckload of 20 pallets perhaps), and how much you go through in a typical season.  We'd also love to know what brand you currently use!
  • We will do our absolute best to get you the best possible pricing!

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