Congratulations on taking the first step to building your own business!

You're already lapping 99.9% of people who are still sitting in front of their computers, waiting for opportunity to knock. YOU are out there taking charge of your own fate!

What's inside:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the blueprint
Chapter 2 - Necessary tools
Chapter 3 - Sealcoating
Chapter 4 - How to fill cracks
Chapter 5 - How to line stripe
Chapter 6 - How to price a job
Chapter 7 - Customer database
Chapter 8 - How to find new business
Chapter 9 - Branding your business

Excellent program to learn from, seriously. Wonderful blueprint to start your business with and has a handful of topics help you on your new journey.

We actually started our business following it ourselves and in 3 years we are building a little empire! 😉

*Asphalt Kingdom also has a excellent line of equipment to help start your business.

- Chris Bishop, Precision Asphalt Sealers

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